Throwback To When Kobe Bryant Exposed Shaq's Biggest Flaw 

In 2019. Kobe Bryant gave his last serious interview to Valuetainment.

In that interview kobe believed that shaq could have been the goat if he did this.

Kobe was posed the question, "Who would Shaq be if he had your work ethic?"


"He'd be the Greatest Of All Time, for sure"

"This guy was a force, like I have never seen. He was crazy.....He did not care, he was mean, he was nasty, he was competitive, he was vindictive."


I wish he was in the gym, I would have had f**k**g 12 rings."


Kobe and Shaq were teammates for 8 seasons and won 3 NBA titles together

The only reason that Shaq left the Lakers was because of the beef they had due to Shaq's low work ethic.

Could Shaq have actually become the GOAT if he had a better work ethic?