NBA trade rumors you should definitely know

The NBA free agency began a couple of days ago and it has been chaotic ever since.

Many players are rumored to be on the move as every team is looking to strengthen their roster.

There are many superstars that could be on the move this year, here are 4 trade rumors you should know all the updates about.

The Jazz star is expected to leave Utah this year. The Miami Heat have been reported to have submitted a trade offer for Mitchell.

Donovan Mitchell

There have been a number of teams that have shown interest in Russ. But one team that he can possibly go to are the Brooklyn Nets in a trade that may include Kyrie Irving.

Russell Westbrook

KD submitted a trade request earlier this week, despite Kyrie deciding to stay. He is rumored to join the Trail Blazers or the Miami Heat.

Kevin Durant

After KD's trade saga, there have been rumors that Kyrie could be on the move as well. He was interested in the Lakers a couple weeks back and they're still his top choice.

Kyrie Irving

The Bucks star has been reported to be re-signed for one more year with the Milwaukee Bucks, burying the trade rumors of multiple teams.

Serge Ibaka

Russ & Kyrie may potentially be used in the same trade deal, whereas KD might be on the lookout for a team that will have the financial power to have him on their team.

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