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Recently Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock shook the internet with the release of the new trailer for Black Adam.

Black Adam is the next DC movie starring Dwayne Johnson, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Black Adam is one of the biggest movies for the DC cinematic universe and many fans believe that Rock's next movie can give the much-needed push to DCEU.

Well, the reviews for Black Adam's latest trailer have been great, which has the Rock excited.

Dwayne Johnson recently sent a message to his fans thanking them for their support of Black Adam.

"Thank you around the world. Your global reaction and response to our Black Adam trailer was staggering. 98% positive review and reaction. Holy s**t."- The Rock said on his Instagram

The Rock has been a part of many huge franchise movies such as Jumanji and Fast and Furious. But, he said that Black Adam is the most special project for him.

"You guys have put Black Adam in another stratosphere. And I can't thank you enough. I am so passionate about this property."

Dwayne Johnson has been saying that the hierarchy of power is going to change in the DC universe with Black Adam. And fans have big expectations from this movie after an incredible trailer.

"For over 10+ years I've worked my a** off for the Black Adam universe and a new era in the DC universe is ushering in."