New Rules For UFC 274: Charles Oliveira Can't Win The UFC Lightweight Championship

Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje came face to face with each other in a head face-off ahead of UFC 274.

But unfortunately, it seems the championship reign has come to an end for the champion Charles Oliveira even before the fight started.

Oliveira weighed in 155.5lbs ahead of the PPV fight, exceeding the mark by 0.5lbs to be eligible to compete for the title, according to the new UFC 274 rules.

Oliveira weighed 156lbs in the first attempt and was given an hour to fit into the weight category, but he missed the mark again by 0.5lbs.

This isn't the first time DoBronx has missed weight.

But for a title shot, this will be the first time a champion is stripped of the title ahead on the scale.

Now, according to the UFC rules, Oliveira and Gaethje will compete for the vacant title.

But here's the catch for missing weight- Justin Gaethje takes home the title if he wins, while Oliveira leaves the octagon empty handed, irrespective of the result.

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