New WWE Role Playing Game To Be Declared Soon

Gaming as whole is a very important part for the success of WWE.

Stephanie McMahon, the CBO of WWE said during Q1 2022 earnings that they are really happy with the re-launch of WWE 2k franchise, and they have listened to what the fans and customers wanted.

Stephanie McMahon continued by saying that not only have they listened to the fans and customers, they have also earned their trust back.

Earlier the fans have been disappointed with the game's engine and  the online mode of playing.

Innovation and interactivity is a very important part for the success of any media property. Stephanie mentioned that they have worked with their partners Take Two Interactive, to improve on the game and bring a good and expected version of the game for the fans.

WWE 2K22 was a commercial and critical hit, with the highest Metacritic scores in franchise history on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and over 5.6 million hours of Twitch viewing to date."

Stephanie did not fail to mention that with all their games gaining a lot success they have signed a deal for a new role playing game that will be declared soon.  

Gaming is a very important source of success and growth for WWE. Also they reach to a lot of audiences through this as the gaming audience is basically 34 years and younger.