Neymar Jr Injured in FIFA World Cup 2022

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

Brazil had its opening match on Thursday against Serbia. Brazil won the match 2-0. Neymar was injured during the match.

Neymar was in tears at the end of the opening match. He was on the bench after a sprained ankle.

The doctors have confirmed the injury. The results for the injury will be reassessed on Friday. The star player was injured a lot earlier.

Brazil's coach confirmed that Neymar will play in the coming matches. He said “we are confident that Neymar will come back on the field”.

Neymar sat with his face covered and he was in tears during the checkup. According to the reports his right ankle was swollen.

Over the past few years the player has suffered many injuries on right ankle. The PSG star player has been brilliant on the field with good comebacks.

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Neymar has missed the 2019 Copa America due to torn ligaments in his right ankle. He was benched for several weeks and couldn't play.

Neymar was fouled 9 times during the game against Serbia. It is the highest foul given to someone in this world cup so far.

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