Michael Pereira Had a Scary Altercation With Francis Ngannou at Hotel

UFC 270 was a successful night for both Francis Ngannou and Michael Pereira.

Well it seems there's more story to that from the night, off-screen.

At UFC 270, Michael Pereira scored victory over Andre Fialho, which marked the 4th consecutive win for the Brazilian.

Pereira celebrated his big win in the hotel with some alcohol and music.

But the celebration didn't sit well with the heavyweight predator, Francis Ngannou.

Disturbed by the loud noise, Ngannou reached the spot of celebration to confront the team of Demolidor.

Looking back at the incident, Pereira regrets not fighting back the heavyweight champ.


The fighter recollects that he sustained injuries after the fight and feared that if Ngannou started a fight they'll be left helpless.


Pereira recalls the incident- "He comes up and says, ‘Hey, do you think it’s real to fall asleep when there’s such a noise? How do I sleep, huh?’ Honestly, at that moment I felt uncomfortable. I was after a hard fight, my nose was broken, my legs were beaten off..."

"..If Ngannou started a fight, what would I do to him? The team is already all drunk, they wouldn’t have helped me in any way.”

He adds that he has lost the respect for the heavyweight champ after the incident.

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