No Cody Rhodes or Roman Reigns - WWE in Huge Trouble!

WWE is on the backfoot after it was announced that Cody Rhodes will be out of action for well over six months.

Earlier, Rhodes was cleared to fight at Hell in a Cell with a torn pec. However, after Hell in a Cell, the aggravated injury meant he was suspended for six months.

Needless to say, WWE had huge plans for Cody Rhodes for the coming months and now they have all come crumbling down.

Moreover, in the absence of Roman Reigns, WWE seems to be in big trouble.

Roman Reigns was missing from WWE Hell in a Cell. And reports suggest that he might not be available for Money in the Bank as well.

Roman Reigns' WWE contract allows him to make sporadic appearances

Roman Reigns' new contract was described as very similar to Brock Lesnar, suggesting the Tribal Chief might not be appearing every weekend.


With Randy Orton out due to injury, WWE is missing its major superstars and could pay the price in terms of TV ratings.

In the absence of its top stars, it will be interesting to see what steps WWE will take to ensure the viewership and the keep up the pro-wrestling entertainment.

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