Nobody Saw This Coming at WWE Money in the Bank

WWE Money in the Bank was a huge success and spoke volumes about how the company has finally started listening to fans. Well, except for the last match of the evening.

Ronda Rousey put on a show at Money in the Bank along with Natalya after quite a heated lead up to the fight.

While Rousey emerged victorious, she was left compromised and then what followed was something no wrestling fan would have imagied.

Not saying, they wouldn't have hoped for it to happen, but to see Liv Morgan pin Ronda Rousey was certainly shocking.

While nobody saw Liv Morgan winning the Money in the Bank contract match, to see her successfully cash it in against someone like Ronda Rousey was definitely a surprise.

The entire crowd echoed with chants of "you deserve it" for Liv Morgan who became the first WWE women superstar to beat Ronda Rousey outside of the four horsemen.

Rousey has been on an incredible run, but with just a single premium live event outing since her victory at WrestleMania Backlash, it's safe to say it was too early for Rousey to drop the gold.

Additionally, it puts Charlotte Flair in a very tricky situation considering she was expected to right her wrongs against Rousey.

Who will Charlotte Flair fight in her return? Will the WWE take away the gold from Liv Morgan this soon? Or will Ronda Rousey lose yet again? So many questions.

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