Novak Djokovic Not Happy With The ATP Structure

Recently the ATP, WTA, and ITF announced that there will be no points in the upcoming Wimbledon.

After the announcement, not all players were pleased with his decision.

Some players will suffer a big fall in their ranking position.

Novak Djokovic in response to this decision said that this is a lose-lose situation.

Djokovic is the founder of the Professional Tennis Players Association.

Djokovic said that many governing bodies do not want them in the tennis ecosystem.

He continued by saying, “PTPA is the only association which is representing 100% players’ rights, both male and female.”

Djokovic admitted that the PTPA is powerless in the Wimbledon situation.

According to Djokovic the structure of the governing bodies harms the interest of the players.

It is expected that Djokovic will lose about 2000 points due to this decision.