One Great to Another - The Rock Praises Montez Ford

Montez Ford has been part of WWE for the last 5- 6 years.

Before entering the world of Professional Wrestling, Ford was serving in the U.S. Army

Montez is married to fellow WWE Star, Bianca Belair

Since his debut, Ford has been part of the Street Profits teaming with Angelo Dawkins

One of Ford’s attractive features is his high-flying moves

Ford has been highly known for his extreme Frog Splash.

During an interview with Ryan Satin, Ford talked about his inspiration to becoming a pro-wrestler

It was none other than, ‘The People’s Champion’ The Rock

The Rock took notice, and he showed his respect to Montez Ford via Instagram

“When you love the wrestling business, you become very respectful about the wrestling business. And when you’re respectful about the wrestling business, you become PASSIONATE about the wrestling business. It seeps deep into your DNA.”

“Fans can always sense who’s passionate inside that squared circle ~ and who’s not.”

“This man is passionate. We share that DNA. (And he flys like the Superfly ????????)”

“Keep kicking ass brother and give my love to your family. And when you become world champion one day, I’ll be right there rooting ya on ✊????”

It is great to see the young talent is being noticed by legends like the Rock!!


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