Opinion: Megan Olivi is to UFC What Joe Rogan is to the Commentary Table

Megan Olivi has become a house hold name for fight fans around the world.

Megan Olivi is a UFC presenter and TV host on Fox 1!

It won't be wrong to say that Megan Olivi is to UFC what Joe Rogan is to the commentary table. The absence of both, does feel like something is missing from UFC's programming.


Megan olivi is married to former ufc flyweight title challenger david benavidez.

While Joe Rogan's commentary during fights and his insane reaction have won the heart of fight fans, Olivi's reportage before the fight has also impressed the MMA world.

Olivi's delivery and her ability to make other fighters comfortable during interviews are widely appreciated. Her in-depth knowledge of mixed martial arts and her research into each fighter's personal and professional life have made UFC's programming a huge success.


Needless to say, with her husband and arguably one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, David Benavidez by her side, there's no questioning Megan Olivi's exposure to the world of MMA.


Do you also feel Megan Olivi's absence from a UFC event affects the programming to a certain extent?