Paige Admits She Was in Love With Stone Cold in Her Youth

Stone Cold Steve Austin has been one of the most significant assets in WWE history.

In the 1990's Stone Cold became a social trend.

Recently the "Broken Skulls" show featured the former WWE champion Paige.

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During the show, Paige revealed that she was obsessed with Steve Austin.

Steve Austin had asked her who he had looked up to as a child.

She responded that WWE star Diva Lita was one of her favorites.


She also told him that “The Rattlesnake” was her favorite as well.

Paige said, "I was obsessed with you [Steve Austin]. It was mostly your character, just so cool for us. I was like, man, this man, guy coming down drinking beers, I was like, this is madness.—I was in love with you."

Paige later mentioned that she found him super cool.

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