By: Nikhil Chauhan

Paige Wants to Fight the WWE Superstar Who Ended Her Career

Image Credit: WWE

Paige has well and truly retired from in-ring competition after suffering a serious neck injury. However, the former WWE superstar does entertain one fight to make her return.

Brush Stroke

The former WWE superstar was released by the WWE earlier this year much to the surprise of many fans.

Image Courtesy: WWE

While many expected Paige to sign with AEW, that hasn't happened as the former WWE superstar has remained loyal to the WWE.

Paige can return for one final time

“If I was to have to be in the ring, it would be for a really big moment… to wrestle." Paige said on the possibility of coming back to the ring.

"I would love to face Sasha again for real… I feel like Hunter’s gonna get her back. I feel like now Hunter’s took over everyone’s gonna be like, ‘I’m ready to come home!’" She further added.

Brush Stroke

It was a kick from Sasha Banks back in December of 2017 that caused the serious neck injury to Paige,

Image Courtesy: WWE

While Paige doesn't blame Banks for the career ending injury, she does feel there is an exciting storyline if she ever shares the ring with Sasha Banks.

Brush Stroke

Banks was indefinitely suspended by the WWE after she walked out from RAW, but Paige believes Triple H will bring her back.

Image Courtesy: WWE

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