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Paul Heyman Deserves Emmy for His Work With Roman Reigns- WWE Legend

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

WWE legend Mark Henry recently praised the Bloodline's Wise man Paul Heyman for his acting performance on WWE TV.

Heyman is currently the special counsel for the tribal chief Roman Reigns and is a vital part of the whole Bloodline act.

On Busted open radio, The World's strongest man said that Heyman's performance on a weekly basis is awe-inspiring.

He also said that Paul Heyman should be awarded an Emmy for his acting performance which he executes perfectly alongside the Bloodline.

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Heyman's minute facial expressions and the way he conducts himself play a huge part in elevating the Roman Reigns character.

The former ECW general manager has done a fabulous job in hyping up matches. Heyman putting Logan Paul over on last week's Smackdown was simply sensational.

Heyman's Tribal Chief Roman Reigns will be defending his WWE Undisputed Universal Championship against Logan Paul next week at the Crown Jewel premium live event.

Heyman will be travelling to Saudi Arabia alongside his Bloodline members for the match. He was absent when Roman Reigns had a title match in Wales as he was injured. 

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