Paul Heyman Requests WWE Management Ahead of Roman Reigns vs Riddle

Special counsel to The Tribal Chief, Paul Heyman has a request from WWE management ahead of Roman Reigns vs Riddle set to take place this week on SmackDown.

Roman Reigns is set to make his WWE return after a long hiatus that saw him miss Hell in a Cell. Reigns will return to face Riddle in the main event of SmackDown this week.

Ahead of Reigns' first title defense since becoming the undisputed WWE champion, Paul Heyman appeared on the Miz TV on the latest episode of RAW.

While addressing the possibility of the Money in the Bank winner beating Roman Reigns for the title, Heyman brought the WWE universe's attention to Reigns vs Riddle and expressed that a blatant disregard for the challenger.

"Your Tribal Chief Roman Reigns will defend the undisputed heavyweight championship against, of all people, Riddle. It annoys me so much, that as special counsel to Roman Reigns, I counselled them on a stipulation to make the stakes even bigger." Heyman said.

It was at this point that Riddle's music hit and what followed was a verbal tirade between Riddle, Miz, and Paul Heyman.

"Paul, for a guy who talks as much as you do bro, you really don't say anything. You don't know me, and Roman Reigns, definitely doesn't know me. And you guys have no idea, what I am capable of." Riddle said.

Riddle further added that he is least cared about what stipulation Paul Heyman has in mind to add to the upcoming title match, because Roman Reigns would have to kill him to walk out of the WWE ring with the belts still around his shoulders.


It was later revealed, that should Riddle lose against Roman Reigns at SmackDown, he will never get to challenge the Tribal Chief ever again.

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