Paul Heyman Reveals Who Will Dethrone Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns' undefeated streak has crossed every major milestone in the history of WWE and The Tribal Chief continues to establish his dominance inside the WWE ring.

During the course of this undefeated streak, Reigns has gone on to defeat some of the most notable names in the history of professional wrestling.

Having beaten the likes of John Cena, Edge, Brock Lesnar among others, there's no denying the dominance of Roman Reigns.

Be that as it may, one day this reign will come to an end, and fans are already guessing who will be the one to dethrone The Tribal Chief.

Recently, WWE took to Twitter to ask the WWE Universe who they think will snap Roman Reigns' undefeated streak.

Surprisingly, they received a response from Reigns' special counsel Paul Heyman, who had this to say about the Tribal Chief.


"Dear @WWE , No one! (Dis)Respectfully, Paul Heyman  #SpecialCounsel to @WWERomanReigns ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR TRIBAL CHIEF!" Heyman tweeted, he believes no WWE Superstar can beat Roman Reigns.

There have been rumors that Drew McIntyre could emerge as the WWE Superstar to dethrone Roman Reigns, however, there's no clarity on the same.

It remains to be seen who will dethrone Roman Reigns to emerge as the new undisputed WWE Champion. Who do you think will snap Reigns' undefeated streak?

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