Paulo Costa Assaults Nurse and Tries to Falsely Claim Covid-19 Vaccination Card; Says Authority

Paulo Costa finds himself in trouble with the law after misconduct with nurse while receiving Covid-19 vaccine.

The former middleweight title challenger was taken into custody after trying to falsely claim the COVID certificate.

According to statement from health workers, Costa wanted to get the proof of vaccination without getting getting vaccinated.

It is also being reported that Paulo Costa elbowed a nurse over the vaccination card. The incident took place in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte.

Scribbled Underline

"The card was filled out. The workers said that at the time of the application, he did not accept to get vaccinated, wanted to leave with the card and they did not accept. At that moment, a nurse was elbowed," said municipal guard Marco Mota.

However, Paulo Costa called false on the claims and stated that he was denied the vaccination card despite getting vaccinated.

is paulo costa vaccinated?

There are two sides to this story, one which claims that Costa did not get vaccinated, and the other where the middleweight contender claims to have been vaccinated.


Paulo Costa was released immediately after giving his statement and no further action was taken against him.

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