By: Jeron Jacob

Pique’s Ex-Girlfriend Shakira Fired Employee Over Cold Chicken

Things have not been going well for the Colombian singer, Shakira as her husband, Gerard Pique was found guilty of cheating on her.

On top of that, there is an investigation taking place on Shakira for allegations of tax fraud, during this investigation many of her private life incidents were reported.

Recently on the TV program Equipo de Investigacion, Javier Ceriani who is a journalist, interviewed a couple who were the ex-employees of Shakira.

During that interview, it was revealed that the reason why Shakira fires her employees was quite silly and shocking to everyone.

The report stated that the ex-employee, Divier replaced Maritza who was Shakira's everyday cook. He had cooked for 17 of Shakira's employees.

One night he was tired and Shakira had told him to heat some chicken. He responded by saying that he couldn't do this anymore as he had cooked for 17 people that day.

To this Shakira said, "If you're not good for this, you're not good for anything else." And later the couple was fired by her.

This incident came as a shock to everyone as Shakira had fired her staff members only because they didn't want to heat up some chicken.

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