By: Jeron Jacob

Randy Orton Lost His Mind After Friend Chris Benoit’s Death

During the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, former Highlanders member,   Rory McAllister revealed what happened behind the scenes after Chris Benoit’s death.

After Chris Benoit had passed away, the entire episode of RAW on June 25, 2007, was dedicated to him and all the WWE stars paid him tribute.

The next day it was discovered that Chris Benoit had killed his wife Nancy and son Daniel before he took his own life by committing suicide.

During the podcast, Rory McAllister revealed how Randy Orton had reacted after news regarding Chris Benoit came to light.

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He said, "Randy goes for coffee and he comes walking back and every screen in the center of the hub of the airport, ‘Murder-suicide, murder-suicide."

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Rory added by saying that after seeing that on-screen Randy literally lost his s**t and f**king ran out of the airport, and he was home anyway.

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Just weeks before Chris Benoit's incident took place, Vince McMahon's character had faked his death in a controversial storyline.

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This storyline was not supported by many, however, after Chris Benoit's death took place, the storyline was immediately dropped.

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