Ranking All WWE 2K Games- Worst to Best

8. WWE 2K20 With the Series of Bizarre Graphical Glitches and Bugs, Followed by Several Crashes, WWE 2k20 is Considered a Technical Disaster, Which Ultimately Lead to the Canceling of WWE 2k21 Game. WWE 2k20 Was Launched With 238 Characters, Including Variations of the Same Wrestler but Only 20% Or 30% Of the Characters Were Chosen by the Most Players.

7. WWE 2K17 The Quality Of WWE 2k17 is Comparatively Superior Than WWE 2k20. However This Too Failed To Completely Impress The Audience When It Comes To Content Department. The New Promo Engine Featured Felt Awkward And the Game Had A Tricky Reversal Timing

6. WWE 2k15 It Was Successful In Building A New Graphic Engine, Which Created A very Impressive Character Models universe fanatic Was Looking Forward To. Though Highly Praised, The Inability To Create A Women Wrestler Gave It A Distasteful Outlook

5. WWE 2k16 With Almost Double the Number Of Wrestler on the Roster, 2k16 Was Something WWE fans Were Thankful For. It Was Surely A Big Upgrade From Its Predecessor. It Gave The Player More Control Over Their Created Superstars Unlike 2k15. Honourable Mention should Be The Inclusion Of  Newcommers like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But It Still Lacked In Some Areas As An Overall Game, Like Entrance Run Ins And Reversals

4.WWE 2k18 WWE 2k18 Game Is Still Considered One Of The Most Visually Appealing Series Among the Others With Its Great Character Models And Even Greater Lighting Effects. A New Rivalry System Was Introduced Which Was The Biggest Upgrade In Years. However The Fact That Its Game Content Was No Different From 2k17 Was A Bummer

3. WWE 2K19 The Biggest Turnover Of WWE 2k19 Was The Drastic Improvement In The Quality Of Content. Though The Gaming Experience Was Not So Smooth With Multiple Glitches Here And There, It Performed Decently Compared To Its Successor, WWE 2k20, Which was a total Blunder.

2. WWE 2k14 Roster Of WWE 2k14 Included The Wrestlers From All The Eras Which is a Boon to the fanatics, for it made Every Match one can think of Possible. It Offered Various Customisations And An Amazing Amount Of Content. It is The Perfect Balance Of Arcade Action And Realism. The Only Complains Flying Around Was The Lack Of General Manager And Backstage Action.

1. WWE 2k22 With A Year Off, It Seems That The Nail Is Finally Hitting Right On The Head. The Universe Mode Has Been Revamped With Very Less To No Glitches. The Lighting Has Been Improved, And The Arena gives a Magnificiant Live Tv Like Experience. The Only Problem Seems Is That The Roster Is Extremely Outdated.

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