RAW After Hell in a Cell Reveals John Cena Will Finally Return

16-time WWE Champion will finally return to the ring, conformed WWE on RAW.

Arguably one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, John Cena was last seen in action last year at SummerSlam.

He hasn't been seen in action ever since and the WWE Universe is quite aware about his new contract with the company which allows him to only make sporadic appearances.

WWE recently announced that the month of June will be celebrated in the honor of John Cena's 20-year anniversary with the company.

Is john cena returning?

Many fans expected John Cena to make his WWE return at Hell in a Cell, however, that was not the case.


Be that as it may, now it seems like we have a confirmed date as to when we could see John Cena back inside the WWE ring.

Much to the surprise of wrestling fans, WWE announced in the latest episode of RAW that John Cena will return to the WWE ring.

The 16-time champion will make his way to the WWE ring on June 27 to celebrate his 20th anniversary with the company and the fans couldn't have been more excited!

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