RAW Top 5 Moments: 3 Superstars Return, RKO Fest, and More

Last  night's episode of Monday Night RAW was jam-packed with memorable moments.

the opening segment saw "The Legacy" Re-unite in an emotional moment between Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes.

5. Legacy Reunited

4. Kane & Glenn Jacobs are, in fact, separate entities!


Glenn Jacobs has had a Hall of Fame career in WWE as the masked menace Kane.

But he revealed to the WWE Universe last night that while he was a big fan of Kane, he wasn't Kane himself, thus deleting "Corporate Kane" from existence; as he should have done years ago.

3. Bianca Belair proves she is the EST of WWE & Tennessee!


Bianca had a fantastic 3-match segment with Sonya Deville at last night's RAW which paid homage to a classic '98 Roadblock match and was a highlight of the Women's Division. Speaking of which...


2. Becky Lynch, Asuka AND Ali made their WWE returns!

The former Raw Women's Champions picked up where they left off in 2020.

While Ali went after Mr. McMahon's protégé himself!

Watching The Viper dish out RKOs left, right & center while celebrating 20 years with WWE was a personal treat, and the perfect way to close a hot Monday Night RAW! 


1. Randy Orton's RKO Party