Conor McGregor Calls Himself the Richest Man, Embraces the Family Man Life.

Conor McGregor has told supporters that "Nasty Mac" would return as he continues his recovery from injury in preparation for a UFC comeback.

Recently Conor McGregor has been spending time with his family.  

Credit: Conor McGregor Instagram

It is to be known that Conor McGregor always had support from his fiance Dee Devlin

Recently McGregor said that he feels like the richest man on the planet to have such a beautiful family.

"I feel like the richest man alive and it has nothing to do with money"- Conor McGregor

Conor's father was not enthusiastic when he told him he wanted to quit plumbing and pursue a career in mixed martial arts. Conor wandered away from home and met Dee Devlin.

Despite the financial difficulties, she ensured Conor ate well and remained dedicated to his craft. When Conor became a global superstar, he returned the favour by giving Dee everything she ever desired.

Conor McGregor has three children with his fiance Dee Devlin Conor Jack Jr., Croia,and the youngest one Rian. Dee Devlin had baby Rian just last year. 

Conor McGregor and family recently celebrated the 5th birthday of son Conor Jack Jr.

With having a big family his net worth is also quite huge with 200$ million this year.