Riddle Makes the Tribal Chief Choke on His Own Words

Whoever thought it was going to be an easy night for Roman Reigns stand corrected.

Roman Reigns returned to action in his first title defense of the undisputed gold as he took on Riddle in the main event of SmackDown.


There were several exciting segments, some incredible moments, and to top it all, an intriguing storyline that kept the WWE universe on the edge of their seats.

First and foremost, Riddle did not prove to be an easy challenge for Roman Reigns and showed every bit of grit and resilience in his attempt to become the undisputed WWE champion.

Riddle's performance was just amazing, as he found the support of the entire arena, and even earning some near pin-falls on the Tribal Chief.

The closing segment of the fight had the entire crowd chanting "this is awesome" as Riddle gave a shout-out to Randy Orton with a top-rope DDT, RKO as the fans erupted with chants of "Randy".

A visibly shocked Paul Heyman watched in disbelief as Riddle almost pinned Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns may have emerged victorious with a spear to put down Riddle, it did not come without a fight.

While Riddle may not be able to challenge Roman Reigns ever again for the undisputed gold, it's safe to say, he has earned the respect of WWE fans around the world, and quite possibly of the Tribal Chief as well.


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