Robbery? Did Rose Namajunas Beat Carla Esparza at UFC 274

Namajunas loses via split decision

The split decision loss against Carla Esparza marks Rose Namajunas' fifth setback in professional mixed martial arts career.

UFC 274

Namajunas looked quite confident that she had the judges' approval. However, that wasn't the case.

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Here's what the official stats say about the fight.

UFC 274

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

carla esparza secured two takedowns

We will talk about the striking comparison later, but let's take a look at the ground game first. Carla Esparza once again showed that she the best grappler we have seen in the UFC's strawweight history. She outnumbered Rose, 2-1.

According to the official stats, Namajunas connected 37 of her 136 significant strikes thrown, while Esparza landed 30 off her 133 thrown.

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There were a total of 11 takedowns attempted by Carla Esparza, with Rose Namajunas managing to escape 9 of those attempts.

Esparza threw a massive 13 compared to 5 significant shots in the fifth and final round.

A couple of rounds can be debated, but it's certainly not a robbery. Carla Esparza did enough to her former rival to once again emerge as the UFC Strawweight Champion.

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