Roger Federer Drops a Bomb on Tennis Fans With Retirement Hint

The Swiss great Roger Federer has been off the court for quite some time due to his knee injury.

The 8-time Wimbledon Champion couldn't participate in the competition this year as he didn't recover on time.

Since 1999 Federer took part in Wimbledon each year, making this his first year as a spectator in the competition.

Federer's knee injury has been bothering him for many years which resulted in him opting out of many majors.

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However, Roger Federer has dropped a bomb on tennis fans by hinting at retirement.

He said, "I am a winner lover, but if you’re not competitive anymore, then it’s better to stop, I don’t think I need the tennis. I know a professional career can’t last forever and that’s okay."

Federer mentioned that he is happy with little things like his children getting good grades.


He later added that tennis is not his whole identity and now wants to focus more on business.

Have we seen the last of one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports?

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