Roman Reigns Angry! Paul Heyman Suggest Change in Match Stipulation 

The Usos have been underwhelming!

They might be the record-holders as the SmackDown Tag-Team Champion, but they have been underwhelming in the recent past,

Roman Reings angry at The Usos!

The number of times The Usos have dropped a loss to RK-Bro in the past few months including live-shows and WWE programming, is something not fancy of a stable that boasts of someone named, Roman Reigns.

Needless to say, this has irked The Tribal Chief, whose vision for The Bloodline to hold all the WWE gold has taken a backseat.

Ahead of the contract signing for tag-team unification match, all hell broke loose after Usos attacked RK-Bro.

An angry Roman Reings walked out to the ring, and while the situation was brought to control by the entry of Drew McIntyre, it forced Paul Heyman to make an offfer.

RK-Bro with Drew McIntyre against The Usos and Roman Reings for the WWE gold! 

While nothing is official, what do you make of the proposal of Paul Heyman?

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