Roman Reigns reveals his favourite WrestleMania moment

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Roman Reigns' best WrestleMania moment involves both Edge and Daniel Bryan.

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Ahead of WrestleMania 38, Roman Reigns revealed his favorite WrestleMania moment and it was something not many wrestling fans would have expected.

"I created the most definitive WrestleMania main event finish of all time." Reigns said.

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"So yeah, 2021, when I beat Daniel Bryan and Edge like it was nothing." He further added.

Roman Reigns took on Daniel Bryan and Edge in a Triple threat match for the WWE Universal Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 37.

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Following a spear on Edge, Reigns executed Con-Chair-To and then laid Edge's body across Bryan's to get a pinfall victory on both the opponents at the same time.

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In the process, he retained his WWE Universal Championship and a year later, heading into WrestleMania 38, Reigns remains undefeated and continues to reign as the Universal Champion.

Which fight do you think was Roman Reigns' best WrestleMania moment?