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Roman Reigns Breaks WWE Rule During Promo, Uses Banned Word

By: David Smith



The Triple H era is certainly different from the Vince McMahon era. Fans expected a change after Vince McMahon announced his retirement and Triple H has not been disappointed yet.

We have seen some thrilling matches inside the WWE ring in recent weeks and many former WWE superstars have made their surprising return.

Besides that, Triple H is not too strict with the old rules. Superstars these days are allowed to use some of the forbidden words on live TV.

Earlier it was reported that Triple H has allowed superstars to use words such as Title and title opportunities instead of Championship and Championship shot.

Well, now Roman Reigns has taken the liberty and used one more forbidden word "Hospital" during his last promo on SmackDown.

Paul Heyman suffered an injury after Brock Lesnar's F5 at SummerSlam. While addressing Heyman's absence, Roman Reigns used the word "Hospital" instead of "local medical facility".

So far Reigns has not faced any backlash for breaking this rule and fans are certain that Triple H and other executives won't take any actions on this topic.

It seems WWE is ushering into a new era and giving fans what they have always been asking for during Vince McMahon's reign.

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