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Roman Reigns Flubbed The Word 'Declare' In The Worst Promo Of His Career

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credits: WWE

Roman Reigns talking to his next challenger Logan Paul on his IMPAULSIVE podcast spoke about some of his worst promos in the WWE.

The famous Suffering succotash line from 2015 had to be brought up because it is widely considered one of the worst lines in the WWE.

Reigns said he didn’t have creative freedom back then so if Vince wanted him to say something he had to do it without complaining.

Another incident Roman shared was in 2015 when he returned from the hernia injury and announced his entry into the Royal Rumble.

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Roman made the run-in to take out The Big Show and announced his entry into the Rumble but flubbed the word ‘declare’ and stared at the camera.

The 2015 version of Reigns received a lot of criticism from the fans as they felt like he was being pushed ahead of crowd favourite Daniel Bryan.

Reigns still managed to stay on top of the WWE mountain but had to wait till 2020 to finally find a character that fits him when he turned heel.

The Tribal Chief is the best thing in pro wrestling now and Reigns has improved a lot in the mic as well and currently holds the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

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