Roman Reigns’ Cousins Will Regret if They Cheat During Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE

During the Crown Jewel press conference on Friday, Logan Paul decided to even the odds against Roman Reigns and the Bloodline by bringing his brother Jake Paul to Saudi Arabia.

Jake Paul is fresh off his big win against MMA legend Anderson Silva last week. The problem child is currently 6-0 in his boxing career.

Roman Reigns was visibly angry to see Jake Paul being at Saudi Arabia as he was seen shouting at Paul Heyman while Jake was introduced by his brother.

After the press conference, the Paul brothers decided to send a message to the Bloodline in a brief interview with WWE's official YouTube channel.

Jake Paul said: "I'm gonna make the Bloodline bleed their own blood tomorrow. If you mess with the Paul brothers, you will fall brothers."

Logan Paul was seen breaking character after his brother delivered the lines as he couldn't stop laughing and decided to end the interview prematurely.

It'll be interesting to see what role Jake Paul will play during the match as he will be ringside during the WWE Undisputed championship match.

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Roman Reigns is currently the odds on favorite to walk away with the championships but it'll be interesting to see whether the WWE will try and shock the fans with a surprise title change.

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