Roman Reigns Disrespects Randy Orton and Sends a Message

It was earlier reported that Roman Reigns will take on Randy Orton on the biggest night of Summer, SummerSlam.

However, the fight was pulled off after Orton was sidelined due to injury after a legitimate back injury. 


According to latest reports, Randy Orton could be out of in-ring action for the remainder of 2022. 

However, that did not stop Roman Reigns from calling out the Viper and taking shots at his injury.

Reigns returned to action in his first title defense of the WWE undisputed championship against former RK-Bro member, Riddle.

After slamming Riddle through the announcers' table during the match, Reigns took the time to address Randy Orton as he looked straight to the cameraman and challenged the Viper.

"Where you at Randy? You won't come back huh? You scared of your Tribal Chief, you don't want it! Nurse that little back Randy. I run it, you know it!" Reigns exclaimed.

While Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton is certainly not happening at SummerSlam, how soon do you think we will get to see both these WWE Superstars share the WWE ring?

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