Roman Reigns Is More Similar to the Rock Than Brock Lesnar


Roman Reigns since his entry in the WWE business has made a  name for himself. He is the face of WWE right now.

As we all know The Rock and Roman Reigns are from the same family. They are cousins. 

But besides that Roman Reigns is a lot like The Rock than Brock Lesnar.

Interestingly, Both Rock and Roman Reigns were part of a faction early on in their careers. The Rock became a heel when he joined The Nation of Domination, which aided in the development of his 'The Rock' image. The Shield gave Reigns the opportunity to get to where he is now.

Both Rock and Reigns were hand-picked by Vince McMahon to lead his company for years to come. Whereas if we see Brock Lesnar was loved by the fans but WWE never seemed to envision him as the face of the company.

Brock Lesnar has witnessed the support of the audiences everytime he has stepped in the ring but that's not the case with Roman Reigns and The Rock.

Lesnar has a limited arsenal inside the ring. Heavy hands, big clotheslines, and German Suplexes are among his moves. Reigns, on the other hand, belongs to the new generation of superstars with a lot of things to offer inside the ring.

Now as we see Roman Reigns might be leaving WWE to enter into movies just like Rock did. Brock Lesnar is an MMA fighter and he never seemed to intrigued with Hollywood.

With all the things considered there are a lot of differences between Brock Lesnar and Reigns and a lot of similarities between Reigns and The Rock. What do you think? 

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