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Roman Reigns’ New Haircut Gets Massive Response From WWE Fans

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

Roman Reigns on this week's Smackdown made an appearance to help out his Bloodline brothers by making the save against the Brawling Brutes.

Reigns took out the superstars with the help of the Bloodline but he was interrupted by a returning Kevin Owens.

Smackdown went off the air after Reigns was on the receiving end of a KO stunner which led to Drew's team standing tall.

One interesting topic of discussion after this segment was regarding the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns' hair.

Some fans immediately pointed out that the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion's hair looked different during the segment.

Reigns look like he got a haircut and it received several mixed reactions from fans on social media. Some said that the hair was just tied behind and he didn't have haircut.

Some fans hated the new hairstyle while certain fans were fine with the Tribal Chief's latest makeover.

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Roman Reigns alongside his Bloodline brothers is set to face off against Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens and the Brawling Brutes in a War Games match next week.

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