Roman Reigns Oozes Star Power at WWE Live in London

The crowd goes behind Reigns

The UK crowd was on its feet for the Tribal Chief as he entered the O2 Arena to defend his gold.

WWE is in the UK! 

Reigns in the UK!

Roman Reigns defended his Undisputed WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre in the main-event!

There were several segments during the fight where the UK crowd showed their respect to the Tribal Chief! 

Watch the video here. The O2 Arena was wild!  (Credit: @reignslight)

The UK crowd was at its usual best once again!

Things did not go the way home-favorite Drew McIntyre would have liked.

Reigns defeats McIntyre at WWE London

Reigns deflected a claymore kick for a spear to pin McIntyre for the victory! 

Lashley part of horrible botch during live show!

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