By: Nikhil Chauhan

Roman Reigns Predicts the Rock's Huge Plans For WrestleMania

Image Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns vs The Rock has been teased for a really long time now and it still feels like fans can't get enough of the news surrounding it.

Hopes are high that we will finally get to see Reigns vs Rock at WrestleMania 39 next year considering the theme of the huge event.

Marketed as WrestleMania Hollywood, it only makes sense we get to see one of the biggest names in Hollywood battle it out against the Tribal Chief.

In a recent conversation with Andy Staples on the Sports Illustrated Media podcast, Reigns shared his thoughts on why he thinks we are nearing the ultimate showdown between the cousins.

"Dwayne's dropping it within his own project, so it's got to be pretty good. It's got to be pretty special. I think that just goes to show the clamoring, the buzz for it, the chatter for it." Reigns said.

"The wishful thinking is something that he definitely played into within 'Young Rock," which as you know, with him, everything's highly strategical." He further added.

It seems like we could be inching closer to the ultimate showdown between Reigns and Rock and fans couldn't have been more excited.

Will Rock become the first superstar to beat Roman Reigns after more than two years of what has been a truly dominating streak. Only time will tell.

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