Roman Reigns Says He'd Smash "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ahead of WrestleMania 38

The Tribal Chief made a rather bold claim at WrestleMania Raw.

Since becoming Universal Champion at Payback 2020, Roman Reigns has run through WWE's biggest stars.

He smashed and stacked Edge & Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 37.

Conquered John Cena at SummerSlam 2021.

And put WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg to sleep at Elimination Chamber 2022.

Reigns is set to blow-off his 7-year-long rivalry with Brock Lesnar in the Biggest Match in WrestleMania History at Night 2 of WrestleMania 38.

And he just called out The Baddest S.O.B. in the WWE. "Stone Cold" didn't appear at WrestleMania Raw, but he might as well have been on the show.

Kevin Owens cut another fiery promo hyping up his confrontation with The Rattlesnake at Night 1.

Brock Lesnar took control of a "What" chant like Austin himself.

But nobody interrupts The Tribal Chief. When the audience tried to "What!" Roman Reigns, he fired back at them and the chant's originator.

Reigns said he's going to smash the crowd, like he'll smash Lesnar at 'Mania; and like he'd smash Steve Austin if they ever met in the ring.

Roman Reigns vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would be the biggest match in WWE history; period.

While his segment with KO is being branded as One Last Can of Whoop A**, we really hope Austin stays for a programme with Roman after 'Mania.

It would easily be the biggest drawing match of the Modern Era; and is a legit dream match for the WWE Universe.

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