Elimination Chamber Roman Reigns  vs Goldberg  5 Possible Finishes

The Tribal Chief will battle Goldberg for the Universal Title at the Elimination Chamber event.

The match was supposed to happen at WrestleMania 36.

Goldberg Wins  via DQ

A DQ finish is not what the fans want to see but we still got that at the Royal Rumble in the match against Seth Rollins. So, it will not surprise me if Goldberg wins via DQ.

Roman wins with some help from the Usos

The Usos have played a major role in the Tribal Chief’s title matches. The Usos can interfere during the match to cause some distractions and help their cousin win the match.

A Double Count-out

Both Goldberg and Roman Reigns could fight each other to the extent where both are worn out at the outside and we might see either one spear their opponent through the barricade and thus ending the match in a double count-out.

Roman Reigns wins clean 

Since he is heading into WrestleMania to face Brock Lesnar, Roman could dominate this match and defeat Goldberg fair and square.

Goldberg Wins

Goldberg could shock and upset the WWE Universe at the same time by dethroning Roman Reigns.


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