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Roman Reigns Will Use Rare Move to Finish $235 Million Rich Wwe Star

By: Jeron Jacob

WWE has revealed that their new signing, Logan Paul will lock horns against the Universal Undisputed Champion, Roman Reigns at the Brown Jewel.

As things have already started to get heated up, fans are quite excited and are looking forward to this match which will be held in Saudi Arabia on November 5.

Recently Roman Reigns has told the fans that he is planning to knock his rival, Logan Paul in a unique way when they face each other in the ring.

Roman Reigns will have to defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship title against the 27-year-old YouTube star, Logan Paul.

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During the press conference ahead of the Crown Jewel event, Reigns mentioned that he will defeat Logan with a superman punch rather than a spear.

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He said, "We might just Superman Punch him. Maybe one Superman Punch, break his jaw, send him home unhappy."

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Reigns also added vloggers like Logan are doing this just for the experience and he is going to give Logan some good vlogging material.

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Will the 27-year-old YouTube sensation who will be playing only this third match be able to shock the whole world by defeating Roman Reigns?

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