Ronda Rousey May Have Crossed the Line With Her Recent Comments

Ronda Rousey has not been seen inside the WWE ring for quite some time now.

The SmackDown Women's Champion was absent from WWE Hell in a Cell.


Ahead of their scheduled title fight at Money in the Bank for the RAW Women's title, it seems like the rivalry between Rousey and Natalya has taken an ugly turn.

Earlier, Natalya had attacked Rousey from the back, catching her with a sharpshooter and leaving him out of action for a temporary period.

Recently, Rousey took to social media in what many called a below the belt remark on her arch rival Natalya.

Rousey did not even spare Natalya's sister as she subtly trolled their YouTube channel The Neidharts.

"Some needs to tell you your discount onlyfans sister fetish youtube channel is weird and embarrassing, @NatbyNature" Rousey tweeted.

Taking a jibe at both Natalya and her sister, Rousey may have crossed the line. However, Natalya was not too far behind in giving a befitting response to her upcoming opponent.

"It was either do a channel with my hot sister, or bring people to a rock at the back of my farm to cry and talk about conspiracy theories. I chose the sexy sister thing. Cause we might be weird, but we’re not as weird as your hot takes on life." Natalya hit back on Rousey.

We can expect Rousey and Natalya to throw down more words in the upcoming episode of SmackDown. Who will get the last laugh? Only time will tell.

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