By: Nikhil Chauhan

Ronda Rousey Warns WWE After They Fine Her After SummerSlam

Image Credit: WWE

She isn't called the Baddest Woman on the Planet for no reason. Ronda Rousey is truly one of a kind and she proved it yet again on the 12/8 episode of SmackDown.

Ronda Rousey fined after summerslam

Ronda Rousey failed to get her hands on the SmackDown gold after she dropped a pinfall loss to Liv Morgan at SummerSlam.

Brush Stroke

Rousey trapped Morgan in a vicious armbar from the bottom position, leaving her shoulder touching the ground.

Image Courtesy: WWE

Unfortunately, the referee completed the three count before Liv Morgan tapped out the arm-bar. Rousey, quite evidently frustrated with the results, Rousey attacked both the referee and Morgan after the fight,

Brush Stroke

Needless to say, the action wasn't received well by the WWE, as Rousey was handed a storyline fine by the company.

Image Courtesy: WWE

On the 12/8 episode of SmackDown, Ronda Rousey made a statement return as she addressed the WWE Universe with a strong message.

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"Being the baddest is expensive," Ronda Rousey said as she emptied a bag full of cash. Rousey sent a reminder to the fans and warned WWE on what to expect.

Image Courtesy: WWE

Expect more chaos from Ronda Rousey as she continues her journey to reclaim her lost WWE gold. Do you see Rousey becoming the champ again? Only time will tell.

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