Ronda Rousey Was Wrong About Brock Lesnar, Calls Him The Coolest Star

By: Rahul V Krishnan Credit: WWE and Twitter

Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar are always been compared because of the similarities in their career paths as both have been successful in the MMA field as well as in pro wrestling.  

Since Rousey made her WWE debut, fans have been waiting to see the two interact on WWE television but the much anticipated moment is yet to happen.

Rousey recently spoke about the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar and shared her experience being around the 10-time WWE world champion backstage in the WWE.

Speaking on her personal YouTube channel, Rousey had this to say about Lesnar (Credit:, h/t MMANews):

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“I think he’s fantastic. I think he’s awesome …We kind of didn’t cross paths in MMA; he was kind of before my time a little bit. But since coming to WWE, he’s been the absolute coolest….

He’s super smart, I never would’ve guessed. In MMA, I always just kind of assume, you know, fighters are all of a certain… they’re not the scholarly types, the most of them.”

Fans are excited after hearing what Ronda had to say as a lot of them have been fantasy booking a Rousey-Lesnar alliance in a WWE ring.

Rousey is currently the number one contender for Liv’s Smackdown women’s championship meanwhile Lesnar is currently not on WWE TV after his defeat to Roman at Summerslam.

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