Rookie Superstar Records Fastest Win in WWE History

Aliyah defeated Natalya to set a new record of fastest victory in WWE history.

Aliyah's debut on SmackDown saw her made this record against Natalya.

Aliyah defeated Natalya in 3.17 seconds. The previous record was of 4 seconds which was held by The Rock.

Technically, Chris Jericho and Jerry Lawyer should hold this record. They won the match within 3 seconds.

But as their match was a Tag Team match, Aliyah still holds the record.

Aliyah had spearheaded Natalya and then rolled her up for winning the match.

Fans were elated with her win and wanted to make 3:17 shirt. Aliyah liked the idea and gave meaning to 3:17. 

Aliyah tweeted and said "Aliyah 3:17 means I just kicked your a**????"