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Sami Zayn Will Dethrone The Bloodline With A Mystery WWE Superstar

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credits: WWE

Sami Zayn is currently in the best form of his career as part of the Bloodline. He is a regular on WWE TV hanging out with Roman Reigns and co as the honorary Uce.

Zayn currently has been used as a tool for the Bloodline to escape from difficult situations as Sami takes the bullets for the team on a regular basis.

According to rumors, the plan for the Bloodline is to have them turn on Sami Zayn and then Zayn returns with a tag-team partner to dethrone the Usos.

The favorite to be Sami’s tag team partner is his long-time best friend and rival Kevin Owens who is also having issues with the Bloodline.

But there are other speculations also on the internet as Xero news on Twitter posted an idea that Sami’s partner could be someone else and not Kevin Owens.

Fans believe that Sami will definitely be one half of the tag team that is going to take the titles away from the Usos but it is unclear who his partner will be. 

WWE might take some more time before pulling the plug on a Sami Zayn face turn but for now, the Bloodline might stick together at least till the Royal Rumble.

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