Sasha Banks is Gone! Fans in Shock After WWE Makes a Tough Decision - Reports

Letting go off Sasha Banks is certainly not an easy decision for any wrestling promotion.

According to latest reports, Sasha Banks has been let go by the WWE. The former WWE Champion was a huge asset to the WWE's women's division.


However, PW Insider reports Sasha Banks is still listed internally on the WWE roster.

Earlier, Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc had reported Sasha Banks has been released from her WWE contract. However, it was not made clear whether it was as per Banks' request or a decision from the WWE.

Sasha Banks has not been seen in WWE ever since her infamous walkout from RAW.

Sasha Banks walked out from WWE after creative dispute. She, along with Naomi have not featured on any WWE programming since then.

The reports of her WWE release have not been confirmed yet, but if its true, that's huge for other wrestling promotions, most particularly the AEW.

It's certainly quite shocking for WWE to let go one of the most popular and impactful wrestlers in the history of women pro-wrestling. What are you thoughts?

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