Not an Eyepoke! Sean O'Malley's Punch Damaged Pedro Munhoz's Eye

The much-anticipated fight between Sean O'Malley and Pedro Munhoz ended in a DQ at UFC 276.

In the second round, Sean O'Malley eye poked Pedro Munhoz and Munhoz was not able to continue after that.

However, there was a lot of controversy around the eye poke.

After watching the highlight, fans were sure that Munhoz's eye was closed when O'Malley accidentally eye poked him.

Well, it seems it was not the eyepoke but a devstating punch from O'Malley that damaged Munhoz's vision.

Not only that but Sean O'Malley eyepoked in Munhoz's right eye but in his statement Munhoz talked about his left eye being injured.

If the injury took place because of the punch and that's why Munhoz could not continue the fight then the judges might have scored that fight in favor of O'Malley.

As long as the fight lasted, it seemed O'Malley had the upperhand against Munhoz. O'Malley also displayed his frustration with judges scoring the first round in favor of Munhoz.