Second Best - WWE Legend Takes a Friendly Jibe at Randy Orton

Recently Randy Orton completed his glorious 20 years in WWE. A whole week was dedicated to The Viper where superstars shared their favourite moments from his career.

A lot of superstars sent out congratulatory messages for Randy on his achievement of 20 years. This list included John Cena, Triple H, Ric Flair, and Stephanie McMahon among others.

One of the superstars who sent a message to Randy Orton was his good friend Kurt Angle. Even though they have locked horns before they have remained to be good friends.

Kurt Angle on Randy's 20years put out a tweet congratulating him. But he didn't fail to take a friendly jibe, calling him "second best." 

In the past, King of the Ring Tournament winner, Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out to the ankle lock, in the process, breaking Orton's ankle and forcing the WWE Superstar out of action for more than two months.

Orton challenged Angle to a match on WWE grounds at Vengeance and ECW's Wrestling Machine accepted. 

Angle tried to give an ankle lock again but this time Randy got out of it and gave him a RKO to win the match. The bout marks the most memorable moment between the both.

Angle and Orton are not only connected professionally but personally also. Both of their wives have a podcast together called "Wives of Wrestling". We can say they are very close to each other.

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