By:  Ujan Chakraborty

Serena Williams' Father hates the punishment for Will Smith after his Oscars slap

Image Credit: Twitter

Venus Williams and Serena Williams' excellent professional careers have been greatly influenced by Richard Williams. Will Smith played his role in a film that was based on his life. 

The film received international recognition after being nominated for an Oscar. The infamous slap event involving Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock caused everything to fall apart. 

The Oscars team punished Smith and effectively banned Smith from the Academy Awards for ten years. Richard Williams recently discussed it and expressed his thoughts on the actions taken by the Oscars.

Williams recently discussed Will Smith's treatment following the Oscars slapping incident in an interview. According to Richard, Smith's response was appropriate.

He discussed how the Oscars will employ a crisis management team at this year's ceremony to ensure that a similar incident won't occur again.

Williams said that he believed the measure was being overstated. He said, “I think it’s a very overreaction, I think it is an extreme reaction.“

Williams felt that he had no pity for Rock. As Rock criticized Smith's wife and said that he would have used greater force if he had been in Smith's shoes, he also indicated that Smith made the right decision. 

"When I was around 51-years or younger, I almost killed any darn one, so I think Mr. Smith done a great deal not to," Williams remarked referencing the 'slapgate'.

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