By: Jeron Jacob

Serena Williams Played Even After Her Daughter Broke Her Wrist

Recently the American tennis star, Serena Williams talked about her time during pregnancy and many more topics on the first episode of Meghan Markle's new podcast, Archetypes

Serena Williams and Meghan Markle  also spoke about the challenges of balancing high-profile careers in the public eye and motherhood.

During the podcast, Serena revealed that in the 2018 French Open her daughter, Olympia had suffered a broken wrist and even in this situation she played the game.

She said, "I somehow managed to win, but I was so emotionally drained. Every night after that, I just was with her the whole time and was like you’re going to be with me.”

Brush Stroke

After this Megan shared an incident where she and her husband, Prince Harry had to leave their son, Archie for their official duties when a fire broke in his room.

Brush Stroke

Megan also mentioned how stressed out she was during her pregnancy and agreed with the fact that Serena was quite annoying in that period.

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The 23-time Grand Slam champion has already made her fans sad with the message “the countdown has begun” indicating her retirement.

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The fans will enjoy her final moments on the court as it is believed that the 2022 US Open will be the last professional tournament of her career.

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